Cheyenne Ridge
Cheyenne Ridge

Deep in the grasslands and rolling prairies of South Dakota lies the award winning Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters & Lodge. This rustic premiere hunting lodge features multiple locations, each with it’s own unique hunting experience.

They approached us wanting to revitalize their brand to coincide with their massive remodeling and update.

The new identity has been used in abundance both in and around the lodge including a cast iron cattle brand to sear the logo into steak. This marks the first time I’ve created anything that has traveled through the lower G.I. tract.


Update the original logo. We like pheasants. Also, the duck in the Ducks Unlimited logo is pretty cool.


There was a time, not long ago, when men made things. All a chap needed to make a living was a little brawn and a devotion to a craft. I tried to bring a little bit of that sense of hand craftsmanship and balance it betwixt the traditional and the modern.

Wrought iron, geometric shapes and curly, dynamic typography. Color palette consists of deep earth tones and splash of color including a Native American inspired turquoise color.

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