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Ogden Valley Real Estate
Ogden Valley Real Estate

Separated from the city by the narrow and twisting Ogden Canyon, Ogden Valley is a quiet, open space prized for it’s traditional outdoor lifestyle and access to trails, skiing, fishing, boating and horseback riding among others.

It’s also home to Utah’s oldest bar—The Shooting Star Saloon. It was built in 1865 as a trading post for frontiersman, mountain men, cowboys and pioneers. Alas, the need for a stiff drink soon triumphed and converted to a saloon in 1879.

The client had the idea to use a fox in the logo. The challenge was to take a notoriously sly and mischievous animal and present it as a snuggling, harmless canid cozy in her den. There are in fact many wild fox in the area.

The client loved the logo so much that they named her Ovrey—a play off the initialism of Ogden Valley Real Estate.

A full identity package with letterhead, envelope and business card were also produced.


Create an identity that communicates and enhances the rich, traditional, western lifestyle of the area. Create desire to live there. Must use fox.


Hand-crafted, wood-cut style illustration and type using natural, muted and rich colors. Gives a sense of the west and the area’s history as well as the outdoors.

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