Tour de ‘Drome
Tour de ‘Drome

Zipping across the super elevated turns of the all-wood velodrome track, gritty cyclists race toward glory; the crowd cheers loudly and perhaps, at the same time, silently hoping to see a crash. This is velodrome—the Nascar of yesteryear. The city of Ogden sported a famous indoor track in it’s heyday during the first part of the 20th century. Interests come and go and so did the original track.

Now, it’s back…or at least it soon will be. Ogden City came to us needing to drum up public support and donations.


Generate excitement and create an identity to brand the forthcoming velodrome track to garner public support and entice much needed donations.


Unbeknownst to most, Ogden, Utah actually had an indoor velodrome. And this velodrome was built during a very exciting and locally notorious time of Ogden. Recalling the glory and history of the era was a main goal.
An identity, initially in the form of a poster, was created in the Art Deco style popular during the life of the original velodrome. A stylized rider is seen bearing over the handlebars riding toward the viewer; dynamic lines symbolize movement as well as the track markings.

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A single-page website was developed in a joint project with my friend and colleague, Richie Taylor. The site mimics the feeling of racing down the wooden track. Check it!

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